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Hubtaq School Management System

Hubtaq School Management System

Our School System

Educational system
This section focuses on the learning process itself. It is used to help students learn more efficiently, plan classes, and evaluate pupils for teachers.
Financial systems
This component is tackled by the school administration. It allows managing all the money flows that are active in school, calculating the needed sums of money, etc.
Employee system
This component of the school management system is designed to measure staff performance. Each teacher and administrative worker should be aware of their KPI, as well as a day off and vacation balance. This is especially important for the transparency of all processes.
Inventory system
As we mentioned above, schools have various equipment that has to be accounted for. So, this component of school management software is of prime importance when it comes to inventory management.
Task system
Coming back to the transparency – all members of the learning process, as well as people that ensure the proper functioning of the schools, have to have a clear vision of what is expected from them and what is to be achieved. Now, let’s dive into the more technical part of this article and answer the question of why you should go for the development of school management software and not use out-of-box one.

School System Features

For teachers

Online class journal; The ability to assign and check homework; Creating tests and exams; Video and chat with students or their parents; Evaluating students; Adding educational materials;

For Teachers

Teachers Features

Online class journal;<br /> The ability to assign and check homework;<br /> Creating tests and exams;<br /> Video and chat with students or their parents;<br /> Evaluating students;<br /> Adding educational materials;